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You might be wondering why your battery keeps dying even if you don't use your mobile devices very often. Additionally, there's a risk that background processes are overrunning your system, repeatedly draining your battery. Or perhaps your battery isn't working properly. But how do you know? Simply download and use Battery Guru's fantastic application.
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Battery Guru MOD APK 2.1.1 (Ad-Free Version)

Relevant Info

You might be wondering why your battery keeps dying even if you don’t use your mobile devices very often. Additionally, there’s a risk that background processes are overrunning your system, repeatedly draining your battery. Or perhaps your battery isn’t working properly. But how do you know? Simply download and use Battery Guru’s fantastic application.

The program is simple to use, allowing you to keep an eye on your Android device and ensure that the battery is being utilized efficiently. Use the fantastic Android app to keep an eye on your battery’s health and ensure you’re using your gadgets wisely. Improve your system, lengthen the life of your battery, and more with the help of the app.

With the help of our in-depth reviews of Battery Guru, learn more about the intriguing app and all of its incredible features.

How does it work?

Android users will have the greatest mobile app for controlling and monitoring their battery usage with Battery Guru. To avoid wasteful power use and safeguard your battery from overcharging, utilize the program without a hitch. Ensure that all of the data on your battery is unlocked so that you may access it whenever you need to.

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Use the app to find out how long your Android devices’ batteries will last. To ensure that your devices are functioning as they should, keep an eye on the battery’s health. Get tonnes of helpful health information to take better care of your batteries. You can increase your screen time on some mobile devices by turning on the helpful battery saver. Use battery-saving features that can be customized so you can change the settings as necessary.


Battery Guru is now freely and unrestrictedly accessible to all Android users on the Google Play Store, for those of you who are interested. Just be aware that in order to use the app’s functions, you must watch the embedded advertisements. Additionally, there are optional in-app purchases that must be made in order to use the premium program.

Additionally, for Battery Guru to function effectively on your mobile devices, you must allow it with appropriate access permissions when prompted the first time you use the software. You should also highly consider updating your system to the newest firmware versions, particularly Android 5.1 and higher. This will increase the app’s stability and device compatibility.

Fantastic Qualities

The following incredible features of the app are all stated below:

Detailed information on your battery usage

If you’re interested, you may now take advantage of using Battery Guru’s feature-rich battery assistant app. This helpful tool may provide you with a wealth of precise battery-related data, such as voltages, temperatures, capacity, battery health, charging and discharging status, and charging and discharging history.

Use the app to estimate how much longer your Android devices will need to charge before you schedule their discharge. With the aid of a precise prediction of your battery’s remaining life, you can schedule your on-screen activities and prevent battery death.

Gain insight into the multiple wake-lock times that have occurred on the smartphone since you last unplugged the charger to better understand your battery utilization. To investigate specific apps’ battery usage, use Battery Guru to uncover the particular application consumption. The list goes on.

Calculate the true battery capacity

Battery Guru, an Android app, offers users the most accurate and complete measurements of their battery capacity, with the value available in mAh and offering full statistics. In dual battery setups, you can also have a specific battery capacity for each of the power sources. As a result, Battery Guru is an excellent tool for mobile users.

You should charge your devices

If your devices are having problems charging and recharging their battery, you might want to use the app to enhance your charging experiences. Here, the practical tool will simplify system operations to increase the amount of time you can charge. Additionally, the precise heat controls will activate the alarms if your devices get particularly warm while being charged. Utilizing these features will ensure that the gadgets are being charged correctly.

Use cutting-edge safeguards to protect your battery

Thanks to the comprehensive safety measures offered, Battery Guru users may get the most out of their charging experiences. Users of mobile devices will in this case receive notifications while the system is charging about temperature alerts, battery thresholds reached, charging restrictions, irregular battery usage, and more. All of them will increase your battery’s usage.

Many Health recommendations to increase battery life

Users of Energy Guru can also benefit from its many pieces of advice for reducing energy use, extending battery life, and learning more about the battery’s current condition. To always get the most out of your Android devices, use these features and instructional resources.

The Doze editor helps you save more battery

You now have access to the useful Doze editor, which gives mobile users a choice of editing and fine-tuning options to simply conserve battery life. You may easily increase the device’s idle time with basic tools, reduce the number of system resources required for startup, and improve battery life. Feel free to modify your individualized Doze profiles with different parameters in order to conserve battery power with the least amount of fuss.

Boost the power of your devices and batteries

To get the most use out of their batteries, consumers can improve system performance and battery usage with the help of Battery Guru. By using Battery Guru to end background apps, you can prevent them from slowing down your devices. Use the convenient Whitelist and Blacklist tools to keep track of which programs to eliminate and which to keep running.

Modern system power saving

Android users may simply reduce their energy usage with stricter criteria thanks to Battery Guru’s upgraded system battery saver. The software will perform even better in this scenario than your device’s built-in battery-saving mode. Battery Guru helps you greatly increase the amount of time you spend in front of the screen by reducing system use, employing a dark theme, disabling vibration, and other features.

You may change the status bar indicator as you choose

You can now decide to add more indications to the status bar if you’re interested in enhancing its usefulness for mobile users. Here, you can choose whether the status bar should display information on the current amperage, temperature, and battery level. To get the most out of the indicators, feel free to experiment with various combinations.

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Feel free to change the settings for your theme

Users of Battery Guru may benefit more from their on-screen interactions because the program is available in both Light and Dark themes. If you want the app to be simpler to use while viewing, use the Light theme. Additionally, choose a Dark theme for the soothing UI in dim light.

Activate the helpful widgets

Battery Guru is a live home screen widget similar to AccuBattery that assists Android users in keeping track of their devices and battery life. Use the widget to quickly check your battery level without opening the app.

Utilize our mod to enjoy the free premium app

Our customized version of Battery Guru is a far better option for users than the free edition, which still has adverts and in-app sales. The Premium Capability Unlocked app, which offers limitless functionality and no advertisements, is still available for free download here. Simply download the Battery Guru Mod APK and follow the instructions to get going.

Final Conclusions

For usage on all mobile devices, Battery Guru will provide top-notch Android software with accurate, practical, and potent battery capabilities. Feel free to use the app’s features to make sure you’re getting the most out of it and to keep an eye on your battery life.


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