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8 Ball Pool APK is a popular pool game that can be played in real time with other players. In the Android pool game 8 Ball Pool, you may compete against people from all around the world in turn-based mobile games to see who is the better player. The gameplay of 8 Ball Pool is comparable to that of other pool games. To strike the ball in the right spot, advance the cue while pointing it with your finger. Then, you must try to outscore your opponent by striking the striped or solid balls in line with the rules. Here are some amusing and intriguing facts about pool (8-ball), one of our favorite sports, which has a long history.

  • Drive is a contraction of the French term queue, which signifies that tail.
  • Pool refers to a lawn game, which explains why the pool table is green. 

In the early years of American history, word pools were considered illegal. Additionally, after winning this game, coins are provided. Cues were initially just plain pieces of wood, but as the match up technique developed, other additions were sometimes included. You can choose to play this game online with Facebook friends or against random opponents. The game’s signature feature is excellent.

How to Play

Playing this game online is a better way to pass the time. Your competitive spirit will be stoked by this game, which also serves as a test for your skill level.

When the game first launches, you have the option to select an easy, medium, or hard setting. In the harder mode, the opponent’s movements will be incredibly precise.

When you want to pool the cue, hold down the mouse button to set the shot. Your objective is to pot the coloured pool balls that are of your type and stop the opponent from doing the same.

8-ball pool is the name of the game because in order to win, you must pocket all seven pool balls before potting the eight ball, which is black. The black ball must be struck into the desired pocket.

Be careful; if you hit the black ball first or in the incorrect pocket, you will lose the game.

Tips to win the Game

Do you frequently lose to the machine when you play games? Pay attention to these key suggestions to develop a successful approach.

  1. Wide Aim

You can play 8 ball pools like a pro by lengthening your reach with a small amount of paper. While you are queuing up your shot, direction indicators occasionally don’t get it all the way to the hole. Fill the space with paper to achieve the utmost accuracy.

  1. Spend Time

When playing pool online, you must maintain your composure even though the game has a timer. Rushing your shots is a common way to make a mistake. With just one finger slide, you can make the computer play.

  1. Addition of English

English refers to the spinning of a cue ball when playing pool. You can get out of a tight spot by giving your shot a little extra.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Even though playing online 8 Ball Pool may appear like an engaging and enjoyable way to pass the time, the game actually has several mental advantages for players. Some Amazing benefits of the game are:

  1. Increase Concentration

Every player has a certain time to play their turn. You cannot become the best player in this game without a sharp mind. When you play for the win, the focus of the player is to continuously improve important facets. That included greater accuracy when hitting the target ball and blocking out all other distractions.

  1. Hand-Eye Coordination is Enhanced

You require exceptional comprehension to excel in 8 ball pool games played online. Hand-eye coordination is required since players have a limited amount of time to accomplish several tasks simultaneously in order to perform their shot. Prior to deciding where to strike the cue ball, you must first choose the object ball to target. It might be challenging to get a great shot in an 8-ball pool game unless your eyesight and gesture are perfectly in sync. People who do these activities frequently improve their hand-eye coordination.

  1. Enhance Skills

In terms of skill development, playing an online game of 8 Ball Pool in which both players take turns playing is comparable to playing games like Chess, Ludo, and others. One thing unites all of these games: you must come up with a plan of attack to win. Without a plan in place, playing online 8 Ball Pool is challenging to consistently win. Players might not even be aware that they have a strategy in place for their game. A strategy may include depriving your opponent of an easy shot, using a preferred break style, and other factors. Planning and strategizing are terms used to describe the capacity to think in advance and plan ahead. Games like chess and online 8 Ball Pool contribute to the growth of this skill.

  1. Assists in the development of mental presence

Online 8 Ball Pool players certainly need a strategy, but there is another way that it helps with cerebral development. Players can examine and prepare for contingencies in their games by practicing presence of mind cultivation. Simply said, contingency plans are fallback plans that can be used if the main plan is unsuccessful. If you don’t have a Plan A, you’ll never have a Plan B or C.

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The game of 8 ball pool has a number of challenges or issues. So pay attention to these concerns and make an effort to avoid them. The following are a few issues:

  1. Losing to strike your own ball

It is challenging because your opponent takes control of the game when the cue ball misses your ball.

  1. No hitting the rail

To avoid using excessively defensive strategies, the game will be turned over to your opponent if the target ball misses the rails during a stroke sequence.

  1. Potting 8 and cue ball simultaneously

You lose when you simultaneously pot the cue ball and the 8-ball. This shot won the game, so it makes no difference.


The fact that 8 Ball Pool offers a variety of unique rewards and incentives that can easily entice players to play the game is one of the reasons for its widespread popularity. You might be surprised to learn that over 500 million people have downloaded this game from Google Play.

Easy Control

Players of 8 Ball Pool will initially be initiated to very simple and clear control system. The power of your good hits and also the amount of try you must exert will be tracked by a power gauge. To help you strike the balls in correct directions, you’ll also get dotted line for your guidance. Because of this, when new players are first exposed to the game, they can rapidly get used to the controls.

But remember, controls won’t be that much easy for long. Each and every hit must be carefully evaluated as you go along the game and will hold out giant levels because you won’t have the rules to help you. As a result, 8 Ball Pool is more challenging and entertaining to play.

Travel Globally and see the well-known blizzard Official Clubs

Follow your incredible tour around the globe and stop at the most exclusive pool clubs. Enter small-scale contests to start, and as your reputation rises, you’ll be invited to play against the big players. If you are successful in challenging them, you will receive a pass to the following round. The Downtown London Pub, Sydney Marina Bar, Moscow Winter Club, Tokyo Warrior Hall, Las Vegas Full House, and Jakarta Volcano are some of the most well-known locations.

8 Ball Pool APK

For more accurate and powerful hits, collect and upgrade your cue.

Additionally, a range of cue collections will be available to players, which will increase the attraction of the billiard game. Select from a variety of pools, each having a unique set of applications and metrics. If you earn your prizes, you’ll be able to enhance several of their cues to increase their functionality. As an alternative, get the cues with the best numbers that are the most enticing. Depending on your settings, the cues will have one of four possible stats: power, aim, spin, or time. Make the right decisions as you get ready for your next game.

In legend arcade mode, hone your abilities.

It’s time to up the stakes by playing in competitive online matches once you’ve defeated every opponent in the offline game variants. Play entertaining multiplayer games with your friends, or go up against the best pool players online. Join in thrilling daily tournaments and events where you’ll face off against seven other players for the championship. Gaining an advantage over your rivals will earn you not only a positive reputation but also huge rewards.

Collect pool coins to gain access

If you want to develop your skills, investing in better gear could be a great way to get there faster. In contrast, completing tasks and missions in 8 Ball Pool will reward you with prizes and coins. Use them to purchase pricey items that will set you apart from your rivals. All of your needs are met at The Pool Shop.

Never leave your safe unattended.

Restarting the game after losing your save files would be a nightmare. By logging into your Google or Facebook account and backing up your saves online, you can avoid this, though. So bear it in mind the next time you remove it.

It’s completely free to play.

You can take part in all of the in-game events and play 8 Ball Pool for free. You can freely explore the universe of 8 Ball Pool whenever and wherever you choose.

With our mods, you can make the game easier.

Some gamers could find some of the in-app purchases in the game bothersome. You can now play limitless games of pool on your mobile devices without spending any money thanks to our 8 Ball Pool Mod, so don’t worry. You can get started by simply downloading and installing the 8 Ball Pool Mod APK file on your Android device.


Game’s graphics are crude and unpolished. You only have access to a billiard table, balls, and a cue. But precisely because you’ll be focusing only on the billiard table, this game is so compelling. Additionally, 8 Ball Pool can be played on a variety of devices due to its straightforward graphics, authorizing more online players to enjoy this wonderful game.


The acoustic sensations offered by Sound/Music 8 Ball Pool are precise and lifelike. Take pleasure in feeling like the victor when the crowd cheers or applauds you every time you make a smart decision.

Ascend the ranks and gain access to more material.

Due to the level system in 8 Ball Pool, only certain opponents are available to you to play against at certain levels. As a result, you must level up by finishing your current stages if you want to immediately take on the big boys. Once you reach a certain level, a secret location where you can run into top players will become available.

How to Download 8 Ball Pool game

Following steps are given to download 8 ball pool game from play store:

  • Go to playstore of your mobile phone or Android
  • Write 8 ball pool in search bar
  • After few seconds screen shows the install option of the game
  • Install the game in your Android, it will take few seconds and complete the installation process.
  • Game is installed
  • Open the application and play the game


Miniclip published and updated their 8-ball pool game on November 28, 2021. Due of its extensive gameplay, many people have the 8 ball pool game installed on their devices. Whether you play video games regularly or only occasionally, this is a wonderful pool game to get you started. Grab your cue whenever you choose, and take pleasure in the game. Additionally, it works with the majority of Android smartphones and is completely free.

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