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Our lives have been greatly changed by YouTube (YouTube Vanced MOD APK), and we now use it almost constantly throughout the day. From breakfast to lunch, throughout the times we work and relax, etc. As a result, behind Instagram and Facebook, Google’s YouTube app is the third most downloaded Android app.

But when you use it more, you probably start to see the app’s drawbacks. It lacks a tonne of customizing options, a useful video interface, and countless other features for Android users. Because of this, many users find the official YouTube app from Google to be annoying.

We now have excellent alternatives thanks to apps like YouTube Vanced. In this essay, we’ll analyze this app from Team Vanced. Find out why it is more popular than all other YouTube apps among.


How does it work?

All of the features of the Google official YouTube app are accessible to users of this app, just like they are on the original version. It does, however, feature a simpler, smaller UI. This results in better useful experiences for the vast majority of Android users.

The software eliminates all the annoying advertisements, the tedious video interface, and other elements that users find annoying in the official version. It provides consumers with total access to all the tools they need to effectively manage their YouTube app as a consequence.


YouTube Vanced is compatible with the majority of current Android smartphones because it was developed using the official YouTube app. The app functions on both non-Rooted and Rooted devices, too. To get started, just download and install the APK file from their website.

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Can also download the Micro G file, which is accessible on the app’s official website. You must be able to log into your account in order to utilize YouTube Vanced. After the setup is finished, all that’s left to do is open the app and start using it.

Awesome features

Enjoy all of YouTube’s features and more

Because YouTube Vanced was built in accordance with the original version, its designers maintained all the useful features that the majority of users like. You will still have access to all the features of your official YouTube app if you use this. Even the user interfaces are the same as in the official version. Because of this, new users will discover the app to be rather straightforward to use if they have previously used the official YouTube app.

Stream videos through floating windows

The programme allows users to watch the videos they want to watch on their Android devices while doing other things. You can create a floating window that displays the data from your films when this feature is enabled. You can so continue to watch YouTube videos while browsing the web or taking careful notes.

Background music to be heard

Users can now stream music videos on YouTube without launching the YouTube app while performing other phone-related tasks. Actually, your cellphones’ screens can be turned off and the music will still be playing. This is quite useful for people who constantly listen to music on their YouTube app.

Modify the resolution

When watching videos on the YouTube Vanced app, users have the option of changing the video resolution to fit their devices. But that’s not all. Even better, you may adjust your videos’ maximum resolution to one that works with your phone. These capabilities will be especially beneficial for devices with the new 18:9 screen ratio because you will be able to utilize the larger screen.

Get rid of all intrusive ads

The most important function of YouTube Vanced is the safe removal of any intrusive advertisements that display while users are watching their videos. As a consequence, you may watch videos without being distracted by obnoxious advertising. Additionally, if you want to support certain channels, you can still choose to view advertisements on their video content.

Swiping controls that are simple

The software also has simple swipe controls that let users adjust particular components of the movies to make them more interesting. As a result, by sliding your fingers up and down on the screen’s two borders, you may change the brightness and loudness. This ensures a nonstop video experience because the physical controls won’t need to be touched.

Various themes

The changing theme option has also been made available by the creators of YouTube Vanced so that users can enjoy their YouTube app even more. You may pick between the Black, Dark, and White themes here quite quickly. If you want something to relax the eyes, stick with the Black and Dark themes. But if you want to protect your eyes, we suggest using the White theme. 

Repeating videos

Another function that makes this software so well-liked is the possibility to repeat films automatically. Thanks to YouTube Vanced, users may choose to replay their favorite videos whenever they want. You can use this to continuously play your favorite playlist or MV without needing to make any adjustments.

You may zoom in and out of your movies

On Android-powered devices, YouTube Vanced users may zoom in and out of their videos while they watch them. If you’re attempting to glean specific information from a movie, this is quite beneficial. However, this won’t work with low-resolution videos because you won’t be able to see anything.

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Choose the tempo you desire

Last but not least, YouTube Vanced’s developers also include an adjustable playing speed option for Android. With this, you can easily alter the speed at which your movies play, which is quite exciting and interesting.

Use is free

The developer of Team Vanced has our sincere gratitude for keeping the app free. It’s astounding to learn that despite having all those wonderful qualities, they still won’t charge a thing for it. So if you like the software, please recommend it to your friends or give the developers some money by donating.


However, you might find these drawbacks concerning:

The location is a little challenging

To use YouTube Vanced efficiently, users must have a certain amount of familiarity of the app’s features. Spend some time reading the manual and watching the tutorials to get the most of the software. However, the majority of inexperienced users will find this software difficult to use, especially when utilizing the more advanced functions.

Google Play Store does not offer support

The app has virtually violated all of the Google Play Store’s Terms of Services and won’t be made available there, therefore you will need to get the APK file from another source. You should ideally choose either their official website or our website to get the best version. Additionally, because of this, you can be shielded from spyware and harmful infections.

Download the most recent YouTube Vanced 17.25.34 Android APK

YouTube Vanced is still one of the most popular YouTube apps for Android users. With regular updates from the devs, it should get much better.

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